• Unique Selling Point •
Finance-based gamefi – let players reflect the core value of defi in the game
The gameplay is diversified, and the simple and easy-to-understand Monopoly game is more durable
The game has a “corporate equity contract” so that players can determine the development trend of the game in addition to playing to earn
The scope of the game is developed in at least three stages, from the collective Monopoly game, to the individual construction elements of private land, and then adding thematic game development links to continuously refresh the game experience.

Main Coin for whole platform of GameFi to UTOVERSE

Usage : Trading tool between all platform between Utoverse, Staking, Reward and any other monetise elements

Total Supply 1 Quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000)

Token Sale
20% | Unlocked as per token release schedule (quarterly over 2 years)
Angel Round
1% | Mid of Mar 22
Private Sale
2% | Phase 1 Mid of Apr 22 (Minimum after 14 days after Angel Round)
Angel Round
Private Sale
1% | Mid of Mar 22
2% | Phase 1 Mid of Apr 22 (Minimum after 14 days after Angel Round)
3% | Phase 2 Mid of May 22 3%
3% | Phase 1 Mid of Jun 22
3% | Phase 2 Mid of July 22
Coin holders who subscribe to the period above will be locked at less 6 months from listed in exchange time.
After 6 months locked period , monthly release 5% to finish
Public Sale
8% | Benchmark August 22 (Including corporate/funds investment)
To be listed at Coinlist / CEX/DEX , corporate and private funds investment will be locked based on their investment terms.
15% | 1 year Fully Locked, vest linearly over 1 year
5% | 6 months Fully Locked, then linear distribution over 12 months
Ecosystem/ Staking/ Airdrop
38% | Strategic release as per Game including airdrop, rewards
5% | Locked on CEX/DEX
Marketing/ Partnership
12% | 1 month fully locked, 15% month 2, then released at 5% per month
5% | Locked for 12 months

In Game Coin

Usage : For in game rewards (Play to earn), rewards, mini games, and any other game relate transactions
For More details , you can refer to the Whitepaper.

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